Established in 1997 and with a reputation for quality, reliability and value, Lee Marley is a large-scale construction subcontractor specialising in the installation of brick facades to high-rise buildings.  To do this we employ a wide range of roles - from bricklayers and scaffolders to construction managers and quantity surveyors.  We work in and around London as well as Glasgow & Edinburgh for the UK’s leading house builders and construction companies.

Employing over 1,200 people and with a focus on training and development, we can offer long-term career opportunities in a variety of trade, specialist and professional positions, not only for apprentices but also graduates and those with prior experience.

Lee Marley offers both brickwork and scaffolding apprenticeships in order to bring the next generation of tradespeople into the construction industry.  The scale of our business enables us to offer over 40 places per year and gives the candidates a well-supported environment in which to learn their trade.

What sets our award-winning programmes apart from others is a combination of behavioural coaching and up-to-the-minute technical instruction.  The training offered goes beyond current apprenticeship requirements with specialist modules taught alongside the traditional curriculum at our dedicated apprenticeship academy.  This not only helps apprentices become more productive more quickly, but also ensures that they are confident to operate in a fast-paced construction environment.  Apprentices that show managerial promise are encouraged to take on more responsibility under the wing of an experienced site supervisor and are supported through their SSSTS and SMSTS supervisors and construction management training or their Advanced Scaffolder or CISRS Supervisor qualification for scaffolders.

£6.75 per hour
BRICKWORK (£8.50 AT 21)
£8.50 per hour
SCAFFOLDING (£10.50 AT 21)
20 days
Max. 40 hours


A pathway to a career, not just a job.

Earn while you learn; you’re paid from day one whether in the classroom or on-site.

An award-winning track record in training & development.

Our own experienced training team & dedicated facility.

Job security, a safe working environment & competitive pay.

Individual coaching & support throughout apprenticeship & the opportunity to be part of a community of apprentices across Lee Marley.

Support to take on further training & responsibility at work.

Starter tool pack & personal protective equipment to ensure you can work effectively & safely.

More about the Lee Marley Academy

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